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BlueCounter Analytics simplifies the analysis of underwater video data for marine biologists. Using artificial intelligence, it identifies, counts, and classifies species, saving time and eliminating human error. Whether it’s analyzing hours of BRUV/RUV data or providing quantifiable detection probabilities for UVC studies, BlueCounter Analytics is the go-to tool for unlocking valuable insights in marine ecosystems

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The processing time depends on the amount of data collected and the specific requirements of the project. However, BlueCounter Analytics is designed to process the data quickly, and we aim to deliver the results within a reasonable timeframe.

Yes, BlueCounter Analytics is compatible with different types of underwater cameras. We work with clients to understand their specific requirements and tailor the analytics accordingly.

BlueCounter Analytics has been tested and validated on a variety of data sets, and we have achieved high accuracy rates in our analyses. We also provide numerical error percentages to ensure the robustness of the data.


How we Work?

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Data Submission

You provide us with your underwater video footage data that you have collected during your research.

Data Processing

Our advanced algorithms and AI technologies analyze the provided data, extracting valuable insights such as species identification, counting, and measuring.

Result Generation

You will receive visual representations, statistical summaries, and customized reports that showcase the findings and trends observed in your data.

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