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Simplify transect studies with BlueCounter Analytics. Our software eliminates human error by mathematically calculating species coverage percentages and providing numerical error percentages. With automatic species recognition and classification, even less experienced volunteers can contribute. Capture grid images, let BlueCounter Analytics analyze them, and focus on expanding your research while maintaining accurate species identification.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, BlueCounter Analytics can be used for a wide range of transect studies, including those focused on sea sponges, corals, and marine vegetation like seaweed, kelp, and seagrass.

BlueCounter Analytics uses computer vision algorithms to mathematically calculate the percentage of areas covered by different species of marine vegetation. We also provide numerical error percentages to ensure the accuracy of the data.

BlueCounter Analytics has been trained on a wide range of marine vegetation species, but it may not be able to identify every single species. However, we are constantly improving our algorithms to increase the range of species that can be identified.


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You provide us with your Transect Studies that you have collected during your research.

Data Processing

Our advanced algorithms and AI technologies analyze the provided data, extracting valuable insights such as species identification, counting, and measuring.

Result Generation

You will receive visual representations, statistical summaries, and customized reports that showcase the findings and trends observed in your data.

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