Supercharge Your Marine Research with BlueCounter Analytics: Harnessing the Intelligent Edge of Artificial Intelligence.

Effortlessly analyse drone footage, underwater video data and microscope imaging through BlueCounter Analytics.

Blue Counter Analytics

Unleash the Potential of Artificial Intelligence in Marine Research

Empowering Marine Scientists with Artificial Intelligence for Advanced Data Insights

Our software uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically count and identify species in video data while providing you with an error percentage for complete confidence in the results. Streamline your marine research today with BlueCounter Analytics.


Experience the Cutting-Edge of Marine Science with BlueCounter Analytics

Underwater Video

To simplify the analysis of underwater video data, BlueCounter Analytics uses artificial intelligence to identify, count, and classify species in the video data. This software has several applications, including automating the tedious process of analyzing hundreds of hours of BRUV/RUV data
Underwater Video

Microscope Imaging

When a single microscopic slide can contain hundreds or even thousands of target features to count, classify, and measure. To streamline this process, BlueCounter Analytics offers automatic feature counting, classification, and measurement for marine biologists using microscopy in their research.
Microscope Imaging

Drone Footage

Our software automatically analyzes all the video data, identifying and classifying the marine species captured in the footage. This frees up marine biologists to focus on collecting even more data, without having to worry about processing it all themselves.
Drone Footage

Transect Studies

Transect studies are crucial for marine biologists conducting ecological surveys. They involve laying down straight lines, or transects. BlueCounter Analytics addresses these challenges by mathematically calculating the percentage
Transect Studies

How we Work?

Consult with Us

We collaborate with you to understand your research goals and identify the best application of BlueCounter Analytics for your marine research projects.

Data Submission

You provide us with your underwater video footage, microscopy samples, drone footage, or transect study data that you have collected during your research.

Data Processing

Our advanced algorithms and AI technologies analyze the provided data, extracting valuable insights such as species identification, counting, and measuring.

Result Generation

You will receive visual representations, statistical summaries, and customized reports that showcase the findings and trends observed in your data.